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Asia Minor

July 12, 2017

dizzy reece – asia minor (new jazz 1962 lp) album

I have been into jazz for 15+ years now, and often feel like I have hardly scratched the surface. The upside of this is the constant promise of everything that is still out there…the downside is that the process can feel Sisyphean.

Do you like record X by artist Y? In most musical genres, seeking out his or her previous / next album will often deliver more of the same. Not in jazz – in my experience, a record by the same artist, playing with the same side men, in the same year and on the same label will often result in a completely different experience.

So maybe jazz as an art form is all about capturing a moment;  Asia Minor certainly does.

NY- via London – via Jamaica trumpet player Dizzy Reece composed and arranged six tracks into a coherent whole where originals with Eastern influences logically follow an interesting cover of Summertime(!). Both the individual playing and the feel of the album seem to predate the free and spiritual explosion of a few years later. In that context, Asia Minor connects the dots between Lateef’s 1957 “Prayer to the east” and an album like 1974’s “At the helm

Full rip at the top, comments open below 😉

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