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Omar Farouk

December 22, 2016

omar farouk – mash carnaval (power beat records, year unknown) album

It’s a small celebration: my Club Cortez blog is 10 years old?!  Yes, surprising to me as well. No, I couldn’t have predicted that the blog format is now (back to being) quaint and obscure. All I know for sure is that I’m still standing and still very much into music. Here’s a virtually unknown record to celebrate..enjoy my 977th post.

When you think of Guyana, music is probably not the first thing that pops into your head (for me it was “Where is Guyana?“), let alone that you are intimately familiar with the yearly Mash(rami) Carnival. Now you know that both country and tradition exist we can move forward 🙂

Omar Farouk aka Terry Nelson aka Halagala (1938-2009) was a one-man cultural and economic force in Guyana (source), opening a recording studio and running a network of labels from the late sixties to circa the early eighties. The release dates and number of releases aren’t known (yet), but an evening of online sleuthing suggests the titles I linked in the Discogs database are only a part of his releases. According to the source linked above, Nelson used recycled vinyl (read: melting down second hand records, labels included), which makes finding a clean-playing copy of one of his productions a theoretical affair.

I chanced upon a copy of “Man from Afi” earlier this year and bought it based on the promise of the cover. It delivered: the record is filled with lo-fi songs that can be described as calypso-not-calypso, combining forlorn vocals with random synths and horns. Lovely stuff, and a perfect winter warmer.

Happy holidays everyone!


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