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Putting the “we” in Italian Library

April 18, 2016

various artists – rare music from the cometa library vaults (pheon records 2016) album

Excuse the punnage in the title of this post – it is hard to write about Italian library music in a serious way. Here’s why.

Library or Production Music is made for potential use in movies, television, etc. Its intended use or function was purely hypothetical.While “normal” library music is already pretty weird, Italian libraries do it even better.

The artists involved (almost) never used their real names, instead choosing to rely on endless pseudonyms like Alessandro Allesandroni and Stefano Torossi. The records that embodied the physical product were not intended for sale and (therefore) produced in minute quantities. They are rare. And feature some wild designs. It will be no surprise that fans of the genre are often male and geeky 😉

All this wouldn’t be of interested if the music in question was some boring theme-songs-for-dummies affair. It’s not. The record above was released earlier this year and is now out of print. Since no digital companion was available I am now facilitating one… as a tip of the iceberg.


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