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Haitian Voodoo Jazz

March 12, 2016

the haitian bells – st (1973 lp) album

This is a special one. After hearing about this record for a few years and never having the opportunity to listen to it, I jumped on the chance of acquiring a copy. Glad I did!  This large group (15+ people) of vocalists and instrumentalists conjures up an original sound on their only release.

Part dramatic vocals, part moody jazz, the eight tracks manage to sound like a mix between a tense private ceremony and a triumphant public performance…weird. Add a healthy dose of drums / percussion and some scorching spiritual saxophone, and the result is a record that is very much unique.

Check it out by clicking the link above.


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  1. March 18, 2016 1:50 am

    Wow. Stuff like this is precisely why I keep coming here. Thanks for sharing, really. Never would have heard it if not for you.

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