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Eight-hand sets and holy steps

February 6, 2016

various artists – eight-hand sets and holy steps: traditional black music from north carolina (crossroads lp, 1978) mirror

Hey! Good to see you… pull up a chair.Eight-hand sets and holy steps” is the result of years of  ethnography and recording the people that were still playing music typical of the culture and history of the black inhabitants of North Carolina. As far as I can gather from my transatlantic position,  this 28th most extensive and 9th most populous American state has long known communal traditions revolving around working the land, seasons, religion and celebrations.  And before I digress into stuff like the musical compositions specific to corn-shucking, I have photographed the detailed liner notes that came with the album and included a pdf-booklet in the link above.

During 21 tracks, Algia Mae Hinton, Joe & Odell Thompson, the Badgett Sisters and a host of others get into it using their  voices, hands, guitars, feet and some chicken bones. Until recently, I had no idea this album existed – and I’ve been into this sort of thing for a bit. Great stuff, especially during grey and shapeless winter days.

Thanks go out to Noah Angell for the assist in securing a copy.  


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