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Suggestions for autumn listening

September 24, 2015

With the Holiday season officially over, the music industry has started its yearly fall offensive… more new and repackaged music than an omnivore like myself can handle. Some recent highlights suitable for windy afternoons walks and reacquainting yourself with the delight that is hutspot.

elyse weinberg – houses (from “greasepaint smile“)

Elyse Weinberg released a single album in the late sixties, after which she got caught in a web of personal growth and industry politics. The ever-interesting Numero Group has just released her hitherto unissued second album. Coarse, swinging, soulful and searching, “Greasepaint Smile” has aged beautifully and is sure to bring the singer some belated recognition. Oh, and if that guitar has a familiar tone – you’re right, it’s Neil Young.













kurt vile – lost my head there (from “b’lieve i’m goin down“)

I really like Kurt Vile. He sounds like he doesn’t really care and prefers to watch the world go by… except for the fact that he keeps releasing albums. And tours the world. His new album is a little more rootsy and natural-sounding than predecessor “Waking on a pretty daze“, but only a little. Kurt Vile mostly just does his thing, man. I don’t object when the results sound like the above.













dungen – ljus in min panna (from “allas sak“)

I almost gave up hope after five years of radio silence, but Dungen are back with a new album. The psychedelic Swedes have aged and mellowed a little, and their songs seem to have more texture and shade. Oh, and some added flutes… with which I have no qualms, but I know some people who can.not.stand the sound. Check out “ljus in min panna” (which means “light into my forehead” according to the friendly people at Google Translate) and hear for yourselves.













zachary cale – low light serenade (from “duskland“)

I’m in the dark when it comes to Zachary Cale, and will not write a blurb composed from quickly-googled tidbits. What I do know: I loved his album “Blue Rider” from 2013, his music is definite night-time listening and he is very, very, blue. “Duskland” offers more of the same in the best possible way. Fans of Steve Gunn and Sixteen Horsepower, check out his “low light serenade” above.


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