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Only the firmest, juiciest, freshest tomatoes make it into our bottle.

May 8, 2014

..or, Hi! How have you been? Time to accept that posts are now more of a monthly event, the upside of which is that only high quality content will survive the daily media onslaught, with the dregs automatically going down the drain. At least, that’s the plan! Let’s get this Catsup started.

While visiting a festival, I stumbled upon a concert by Angel Olsen – almost literally, since she’s pretty small, and I had never heard (of) her previously. I have now – Olsen sounds like a woman possessed, or already past those crossroads. Her lyrics deal with the human condition in a honest, wry and occasionally funny way. There’s no specific footage of the show I attended online, so check out her performance in NPR’s Tiny Desk series.

Remember Howie B? He’s got a new album, and it’s a great set of moodily relaxed house shufflings.

Me and other lovers of all things John Jeremiah Sullivan are lucky – after february’s essay on the birth of ska, a new multimedia article for the New York Times sees him at the peak of his powers. Music writing is at its best for me when it combines history, research, context and passion for the subject with serious writing chops. The Ballad of Geeshie and Elvie delivers (and is not without controversy)

More multi track masters by what can best be described as the don of this micro-genre, Kon. Take a bow dude!

2blogmay2014The fact that Nas’ debut album Illmatic turned 20 years old a few weeks ago received coverage in a host of media, and was supposedly an Important Event. While obviously a great album, this outpour of recognition for the decades old debut of a still active performer must be a sign of the times – it was a little confusing to me, and made me feel slightly old. If you are so inclined, you could probably fill a good 10+ hours with the tributes, documentaries, articles, discussions and mixes dedicated to the album. I suggest you spend that time otherwise…after listening to DJ Moneyshot’s “Nas – Half Man, Half Amazing

Tele Novella is the new project of JC & Co’s Jason Chronis… Don’t be a stranger.

Chicago’s DJ Rashad passed away on april 27th from drug-related causes. After losing Philip Seymour Hoffman to heroin earlier this year, his death hurts and feels pointless. Rashad had already been active for a long time before I became aware of his existence, and I will remember him for the way he was able to fuse soulful melancholy with footwork’s frenetic drums and booming subs. Check out his recent tracks “Rollin” and “Let U No“, and dive into Benji B’s tribute mix for more.

UK-based Berceuse Heroique is one of my favorite labels at the moment, combining avant-garde sensibilities with tear-out underground techno and never far from a link to breakbeat history. Curious to see what the rest of 2014 will bring.

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