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Hail Krule

September 3, 2013

king krule – a lizard state (taken from “6 feet beneath the moon”, 2013)
king krule – neptune estate (taken from “6 feet beneath the moon”, 2013)

Lots of great (new) music, but time to take up the digital pen has been scarce. The debut album by King Krule deserves an exception. Krule, aka nineteen year old Archy Marshall, was raised on a diet of fourties jazz, classic hiphop and UK pirate radio and has grown up blending all these influences into a musical style very much his own. Krule is a shameless romantic, but a wary city-dweller at the same time. He longs for intimacy and disdains it at the same time.

“6 feet beneath the moon” has been in constant rotation for the past few weeks, and rather than try to put my finger on what makes it a very special record, I suggest you open the doors to Krule’s universe through the two tracks above and listen for yourself.

PS: he used to go by the moniker Zoo Kid, is also known as Djjdsport, produces gorgeous instrumental tracks and occasionally raps.


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