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Summer Album Tips

July 7, 2013

2013 is turning out to be a great year for music – here are nine current albums tips for your summer soundtrack.

Day‘s debut album Land of a 1000 Chances has been on constant rotation since being released a few months ago. A labor of love that’s part desert, part mature b-boy. Has lost none of its charm after 30+ plays. Check out VQ, and more info here.

Mount Kimbie have a new home on Warp, and sophmore album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth is a step onwards from the acclaimed Crooks & Lovers. More instruments, layered songs that worm its way into your mind and a proper band feel at times. I wasn’t checking for this at all, but it has become one of my favorites of 2013. Check out You Took Your Time, and more info here.

Paula is the new project by David Carriere from TOPS, and Relaxed Fit was released as a pay-what-you-like download last year. This 8-track collection of ridiculously catchy cassette-dubbed weirdness turned out to be too good, and is now receiving a proper LP/CD release. Check out five tracks here and get your wasted eighties slamdance on.

…Like Clockwork is the return to form of the mighty Queens Of The Stone Age, and proves once again that when this band is good, it leaves scores of other bands crying on the floor of their rehearsal space. Give up dudes… check out the opening track and realise there’s more where that came from.

Joey Bada$$ was born in 1995, and makes glorious golden-age hiphop like he was actually born and living in the early nineties. A publicist’s wet dream, but only interesting if the music lives up to the hype, right? It does. Download his latest mixtape Summer Knights, or check out Right On Time first.

Congo Natty is the name of the jungle/reggae collective started by the Rebel MC in the early nineties. Jungle Revolution is their first album on a big(ger) label after almost twenty years of independent releases. There’s no way I can even pretend to judge the album on a neutral basis – tunes like Fever, Junglist and Emperor Selassie I are part of my musical Blueprint. Love it.

James Holden‘s second album The Inheritors sounds like a band of historic shamans gaining acces to analogue synths. To soundtrack a solstice. While talking to their ancestors and tripping on hallucinogenic drugs.  The results are trippy and disorienting – was listening to this on the train and I nearly missed my stop. Heavy. Listen to The Caterpillar’s Intervention, more info here.

Omar‘s The Man delivers on the promise made by the eponymous single a few months back – another timeless album by a UK soul singer who can claim 23 years of continious quality. If you ever have the chance to see him live, do so. You won’t regret it. Untill then, listen to Ordinary Day and check out more info here.

Steve Gunn is a new name for me, but has been active since 2007. He recently joined Kurt Vile as a guitarist, but luckily finished Time Off before that. Part Michael Chapman, part John Fahey, this is an essential end-of-the-day / feet-in-a-stream summer album. Gentle and deep. Check out opening track Water Wheel.

Want more? Let me know in the comment section; I can easily do another nine made up of recent reissues and mixes.

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