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Roundup Country

August 29, 2012

bob marley & lee “scratch” perry – rainbow country (taken from daddy kool 12″, 1979)

Ideas for posts keep coming, but I can’t seem to find the time to actually write and post them. These ideas are starting to resemble a backlog –  time to scratch that itch. The soundtrack for this is provided by the honourable Robert Nesta Marley. The recent documentary on his life is surprisingly good by the way.

Up, up and away: a big thanks to Jazzman Gerald for reissuing this 45 – love it. For anyone into last years “Rome” album and/or The Greg Foat Group, give Alessandro Alessandroni’s “Prisma Sonoro” a chance. Supremely (melo)dramatic Italian instrumental fare with a lovely bossa / exotica feel. DJ Shadow digs in his own vault for a change, and partners with Utorrent to promote the release. The best house (or is is techno? and who cares?) I’ve heard in recent months is the “Change in a dynamic enviroment” trilogy by Untold; six tracks channelling giant industrial spaces, eighties wave and Source Direct . Frank Ocean is in the lead for the title of 2012’s biggest hype… and rightfully so. “Channel Orange” is personal, sexy, jaded and confusing – often at the same time.  Late pass: this previously unreleased album by Darwin’s Theory is the epitome of sunny and catchy. Last but not least: if Jai Paul keeps this up his future is very bright.


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