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Coming Soon: Personal Space

March 25, 2012

spontaneous overthrow – money (taken from “personal space: electronic soul 1974-1984“, chocolate industries 2012)

Forthcoming on the Chocolate Industries label – compiled by Dante Carfagna, produced by the Numero Group’s Rob Sevier. It’s really good.

If the independently-pressed record made the galaxy of recorded
music that much larger, the burgeoning home studio became the
black hole from which little escaped. Flowering in the mid-to-late
‘70s, affordable high-quality tape recorders, synthesizers, and simple
drum machines permitted the aspiring artist to never leave his home,
never request the assistance of another human being. In the world
of American Black music, name artists such as Sly Stone, Timmy
Thomas, and Shuggie Otis had experimented with rudimentary
electronic soul with a modicum of success, but on record what
remains is scant. This collection presents the unheard underground
of the self-produced, often solo, electronic soul world of the ‘70s
and early ‘80s, offering a view into an ocean of sound that is in turn
peaceful, bizarre, funky, and often humbly ahead of its time.

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