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Reliving the past in the present

November 24, 2011

zomby – labyrinth (taken from “nothing“, 4ad 2011)
mosca – bax (taken from numbers 12″, 2011)
martyn – we are you in the future (taken from “ghost people“, brainfeeder 2011)
damu – after indigo (taken from “unity“, keysound recordings 2011)

2011 has been a great year for new electronic music (for lack of a better term, and because I’m tired of keeping up with the ever-changing genre names), and these last few months have been especially fruitful. New albums/singles by new and established artists are being released by the bucket-load, and a lot of it is sounding fresh and energetic. A common thread to a lot of the stuff I’m currently into is that a lot of artists are integrating obvious throwback elements in their tracks. Since I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff since 1991, a lot of these tracks feel like electronic music has come full circle 😉

Zomby released one of my favourites of 2011 with his dark and carelessly inspired “Dedication“. Where that debut album was introspective and unhinged, his new “Nothing” EP is more upbeat and harks back to the golden era of rave. Check out “Labyrinth” above.

Mosca started releasing tracks in 2010, but has been dj’ing for a lot longer. His “Bax” combines razor-sharp production and obvious 2step influences with one large bass line. Love it.

US-based Dutch producer Martyn released his second album on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label, but unfortunately it lacks the suspense and killer melodies of his debut “Great Lengths“. The productions sound great, but somehow don’t impress beyond technical prowess. The album’s last track is a corker however: “We are you in the future” is probably the best hommage to the classic Detroit sound you’ll hear this year.

UK producer Damu‘s debut album “Unity” is the third great album released by Keysound Recordings this year – they’re on a roll. With L.V. & Joshua Idehen holding down the soulful side of things and Sully covering the “moody experimental garage” corner, it is up to Damu to create a candy-coloured universe where cascading synths and R&B-samples meet over gorgeous pop hooks… addictive stuff. Check out “After indigo” above for a taste(r).

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