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Musica del Alma

November 4, 2011

tnt boys – sex symbols (simbolos sexuales) (cotique mono lp, 1969) album

Life-affirming NY boogaloo from the group better known as the TNT Band that gets everything just right:

  • The album ranges from joyous anthems like “musica del alma” to melancholy moods like “that’s life”, and features an excellent cover version of Lee Dorsey’s “Ya ya“;
  • The band is somewhere between professional and a little over-enthousiastic;
  • Both vocalists have both heart and swagger;
  • A bizarre cover tries to tie in to the then-happening hippie movement;
  • This rather trashed copy plays trough with only occasional noise… jay!

(*)   Also the blog of fellow Waxidermist** Slim Jenkins, who just put together this great latin mix for the Sofrito dudes.
(**) Coincidently, the copy available at the top of this post was sent to me by Scrappington, who some of you may remember as the creator of the excellent “Slow music from West Africa

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