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October 5, 2011

alton ellis – sings rock and soul (coxsone records lp 1967) album

Good soul music can make you feel happy and melancholic at the same time. “Sings rock and soul” does just that. Twelve covers of songs by Little Richard, the Bee Gees, Nancy Wilson, Procol Harum and others, sung passionately by mister Ellis, and recorded at the legendary Studio One  at the height of its powers. This album is a perfect example of why i’m still in love with Jamaican music after 15+ years, and with a little luck you’ll hear why it is very satisfying to finally own a decent copy of this album. Enjoy!

[record nerdery] As some of you might know, buying Jamaican vinyl is a bit like Russian roulette: you won’t know what you got yourself into until you hear the click…. or in this case, clicks. I bought my first copy of “Sings rock and soul” a little over a year ago. The first side played great, but the second side looked like someone’s glueing board. On to copy number 2, which arrived a few months ago. Looked clean, but played with constant loud hiss. Aargh. The third time turns out to be the charm, because today i am finally able to share a good copy of this classic Alton Ellis record with all of you. [/record nerdery]

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