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5 years of Club Cortez: Little Danny presents Blue Flame

September 10, 2011

va – blue flame – mix by little danny of (2011) mix

One of the main reasons I started this blog in 2006 was Office Naps.  Little Danny from Marfa, Texas has been posting fresh 45rpm curios once a week for as long as I can remember and  is a great writer and researchers. More importantly, i really like his taste in music! The Waxidermy message board has attracted a lot of international record dudes, and lo and behold: Little Danny turned out to be a member too. We have been exchanging the occasional message since then, and the fifth anniversary of Club Cortez was the perfect opportunity to ask him to a mix.

His “Time (is endless)” mix for Triple Canopy earlier this year has become a trusty travel companion,  and “Blue Flame” oozes quality as well. Check out the message and tracklist from Danny below, and use the link above to dive into the 31-track mix.
Thanks D!

A mix for the bittersweet hours.

Here is mystery and melancholy strewn with chunks of ecstatic, post-War energy: Jazz on a rhythm & blues kick, rock ‘n’ roll on a mambo kick, a palpable sense of clubland’s frayed edges. Put the lights out behind you when you leave.

Congratulations to Cortez on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the mighty Club Cortez. Good to know you’re out there, compadre.


  1. Roland Kave and His Fabulous Los Diablos, “Shimmy Cha-Cha-Cha” (7″ 45)
  2. Jeannie Barnes, “Can’t Get You Off My Mind” (7″ 45)
  3. Zilner T. Randolph Combo, “Too Late” (7″ 45)
  4. Jeri Southern, “Senor Blues” (7″ 45)
  5. The Young Moderns Featuring the Arrangements and Quintet of Dave Hildinger, “Lazy Afternoon” (The Young Moderns, LP)
  6. Debra Lewis, “What You Gonna Do” (7″ 45)
  7. Al Escobar & his Afro-Cuban Orchestra, “Rhythmagic” (Escobar’s Rhythmagic, LP)
  8. The Notes, “Cha Jezebel” (7″ 45)
  9. David Michael, “Wow!” (7″ 45)
  10. Johnny Wells, “Lonely Moon” (7″ 45)
  11. Walter Hamilton and His Quintet, “Kaiak, Part 1″ (7” 45)
  12. Carl Lester and the Show Stoppers, “When You See Me Hurt” (7″ 45)
  13. Sue Allen and Oscar Black, “Don’t Leave Me to Cry” (7″ 45)
  14. Sticks Herman, “Give Me Your Love” (7″ 45)
  15. Mal Waldron Trio, “Catwalk” (Left Alone: Mal Waldron at the Piano Plays Moods of Billie Holiday, LP)
  16. Roy Gaines, “Black Gal” (7″ 45)
  17. John Tinsey, “Freedom Excelsior (vocal)” (7″ 45)
  18. The Jimmy Smith Quartet, “Summertime” (7″ 45)
  19. The Typhoons, “Gueneca” (7″ 45)
  20. Kenny and Moe (The Blue Boys), “I Want to Love You” (7″ 45)
  21. Yusef Lateef, “Cookin'” (7″ 45)
  22. Carol Gray, “Cha-Cha Bop” (7″ 45)
  23. Vinnie Rogers, “Flash Flood” (7″ 45)
  24. Jimmy Witherspoon and Band, “Endless Sleep” (7″ 45)
  25. Marvin Jenkins, “I’ve Got the Blues (What Shall I Do) – Part 1″ (7” 45)
  26. Orpheus Four, “The Shepherd” (7″ 45)
  27. Preston Epps Trio, “Say Yeah!!” (7″ 45)
  28. The A Go-Gos, “Tic-Tac-Toe” (7″ 45)
  29. Miss Johni Naylor, “Red Wine for My Blues” (7″ 45)
  30. The Glenrays, “Egyptian Nightmare” (7″ 45)
  31. Mark Murphy, “Come and Get Me” (7″ 45)

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  1. Peter Bakker permalink
    September 19, 2011 9:23 am

    Congrats Cortez! Great work so far, up for the next 5 years!?! Thank you for sharing really nice music, you made me discover some new artists and sounds….. btw, I really dig the mix by Blue Flame.

    Is it still possible to visit Bird when it will officially opens it’s doors on the 3oth of this month?

    Keep movin’ and groovin’!


    Peter Bakker
    a.k.a. DJ Piedro Pazzo


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