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Numero is for the children

August 4, 2011

stone coal white – you know (from “who’s gonna save the world” lp/cd/mp3, 2011)
father’s children – everybody’s got a problem (from “stone coal white” lp/cd/mp3, 2011)

…and for their parents, grandparents, family, friends, colleagues, etc. What can i say about Chicago’s superb Numero Group that i haven’t said before? The label continues to make me happy to be a music lover, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be letting up with quality releases anytime soon.

This month’s releases: the previously unreleased seventies group soul album from Father’s Children and, trough Dj Shadow’s Cali-Tex imprint, the long-awaited Stone Coal White anthology.

The Father’s Children album is an early seventies group effort that is reminiscent of the early work of Earth, Wind and Fire, and shares the social consciousness of the late Gil Scott-Heron. Musically “Who’s gonna save the world” ranges from uptempo soul to love(ly) ballads and longer jazzy tunes. Both the songwriting and the sequence of tracks is more than solid, and the liner notes are very much needed to understand why this wasn’t released upon recording. Luckily this release makes the album available to a larger audience than the producer who had the master tapes in his garage since the mid seventies.

The story behind Stone Coal White would make a great April fools prank: “Psychedelic African-American bikers release fuzz-laden 45s in tiny quantities!” But the band was real, and the two 45s they released have been sought after for years. The masters of the four known tracks were acquired by Josh Davis and Dante Carfagna, and they turned to contain four unreleased tracks as well. Heavy and soul-filled, Stone Coal White sounds like the bastard family of Black Merda and East of Underground, but mostly like their bad selves.

I’ve listed the first tracks of both releases above as a small taster… both albums more than deliver on the promises made in those tracks.

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  1. Vilmo permalink
    August 18, 2011 5:20 pm

    Stone Coal, very nice song ! thanks


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