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What i’ve been listening to while on standby

June 16, 2011

The fact that i’m moving my record room / mancave and am fixing some audio-issues does not mean my playlist is empty. Far from it: great stuff, both current and vintage, is flooding my physical and digital mailbox. Some names and links below; feel free to list your own in the comments field.

The “Rome” album by Danger Mouse & Danielle Lupi is blissful – fusing influences ranging fromSerge Gainsbourg’s sixties and seventies work, vintage Italian soundtracks and library music into a cohesive 40-minute suite is impressive, especially if a few good pop songs are a seamless part of it. The album is not revolutionary, nor something you’ve never heard before, and sometimes that’s OK. This labor of love is one of these times.

London bass-architect Silkie debuts a lot of new work on his mix for FACT Magazine, and seems to be moving away from his early smoother style by adding elements from early jungle and playing with the structure of his tracks. Fresh sounds for all big-city dwellers.

The Errant Charm“is the fifth album by San Francisco group Vetiver, and it’s all you can hope for: a new batch of songs that see singer Andy Cabic move further in exploring the possibilities of songwriting and his band. The album has a more airy feel than 2009’s “Tight Knit“, and i personally like the songs better as well… perfect fare for a summer afternoon.

The Greg Foat Group just released their debut, “Dark is the sun“, on the esteemed Jazzman label. In a way it’s the elitist companion to the Danger Mouse & Danielle Lupi album mentioned above, as this is also a labor of love that aims to fuse personal influences into a new(ish) release. You can hear an interview and Mr. Foats influences here if you’re interested.  The debut is a swirling mix of jazz, latin, progressive rock and library music – i suggest Stereolab’s “Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night and the classic “Mindbender” album as entree and dessert for this hearty main course.

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