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Columbian Wave

August 3, 2015

elia y elizabeth – fue una lágrima

elia y elizabeth – la gran ciudad

Elia and Elizabeth, sisters from Columbia, recorded a batch of songs in the early seventies. I wasn’t particularly aware of their existence: physical copies are rare, I live in Holland and it is 2015 and not the early seventies. The recent compilation “La onda de Elia y Elizabeth” belatedly introduces these songs to a wider audience. I am a fan and have been playing it a lot over the past few months.

Naive and heartfelt vocals, slick and orchestral backing, traces of Spanish pop and the Italian library sound… sign me up. Two examples at the top of this post, but the whole thing is great.


Please to friend me

July 24, 2015

Is this thing on?

July 24, 2015


Come and get your summer sampler!

July 16, 2014

various artists – club cortez summer sampler 2014

I will be traipsing around Europe by way of summer holiday. This means tent pegs will be nearer than keyboards, and the chopping of firewood will take precedent above keeping up with the musical Joneses. I’m very much looking forward to it.

Please find a link to a small sampler of current tracks exciting me above- no further description, allow yourself to be surprised.





June 27, 2014

Turn of the sound, turn on some music of your choice and watch in full-screen HD.

Reality Testing

June 11, 2014

Have an upfront stream of the new album by Lone – I have been looking forward to this one.

Late Night Pass(ing)

June 5, 2014

the cardigans – and then you kissed me (taken from “long gone before daylight“, 2003)

After years decades of logical, focused and goal-oriented interaction with music I quit smoking. This was last march, and after a intensive 18-year habit. If I had known what the consequences were I probably would’ve never taken the step. Life at its best is taking a chance on the outcome of the choices you make. This was one of them, and the outcome was a severe disruption of a lot of things I took considered normal. Turns out these were habits, and that giving up smoking resulted in a tilt-shift of my life. Listening to/writing about/buying music? All connected to smoking, and therefore out the window…at least temporary.

Nearly three months in, and the smoke [sic] is starting to clear. New phases = new beginnings. Not worrying about new releases, limited editions, Paypal balance and jazz grails for the moment, but content to stare out of a window and listen to something. Anything. Well, obviously not anything, still an elitist music nerd when it comes down to it… let’s call it more open to chance.

Last week I stumbled across online praise for “Long Gone Before Daylight“, the fifth album by The Cardigans. I always thought their final album was 1998’s Gran Turismo. It wasn’t. This 2003 set of songs is the dusk to the dawn of their previous albums – the knack for good songs and the poppy production are still in place, but the music is downbeat and the lyrics suggest the twists and turns that accompany growing up. Have some Swedish late-night country moves.



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